Why this blog?

Saudi Arabia is a country that is known around the world for many different things. Some of these things are good such as the Two Holy Mosques, Islam, oil and helping others in need. Yet, it is becoming more known for other less positive things such as terrorist, al-Qaeda, oppression of women and offenses to human rights. All of these things put the country, its politics, economy and people under the radar of the international media and people around the globe. Yet, usually the World hears the opinion of the Saudi Government officials, Saudi journalist who are usually reflecting the Government opinions and views or Western experts who usually have a limited access to the life of Saudis.

This blog comes into the picture trying to hopefully reflect the opinions, dreams and hopes of normal Saudi citizens. The vision of the blog to become an excellent window for the world to know Saudi Arabia better and have a closer view of what does Saudis think of different matters locally and internationally.


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