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A historical day


The 11th of March 2011 is a historical day in Saudi Arabia regardless of if protests will be take place or not and how things will develop in case these protests happen. It will be a historical day because of the following reasons:

·         Some Saudis finally got introduced to new terms, maybe they did not hear about before, such as demonstrations, constitutional monarchy and reforms.

·        Breathed life into some concepts that I thought are less popular by now such as sectarianism, native and non-native citizens and the idea that the government is always right and any call for change and reforms is coming from agents of other countries such as Iran

·          The major government media show against the call for protests today gave a chance to many Saudis to know what are some of the legitimate reasons behind the call for these protests and the fact that protests are normal practice in many countries while they are prohibited in their own country.

·        Some Saudis got a chance to listen to different views that are different than the local media views through some of the impartial TV channels such as BBC Arabic and France 24-Arabic in addition to social media networks such as twitter

·        Increasing the gap of confidence between some of the Saudis and the government religious establishment such as the Council of Senior Scholars and other religious scholars who completely supported the government position against the protests and sounded as speakers on behalf of the government

·        So far the government clear policy is not to listen and confront the appeals for reforms and change that came lately from different groups of Saudis

·        Among the advocates of reform and change, the continuity of the demands for reform through the development of institutions, the constitution and elections