About the coordinator

My name is Ahmed Omar BaAboud. I am a Saudi citizen who was born back in October 1972. I work for Saudi Aramco as a Management Consultant since 1997. I am married and have two kids.

I blog in Arabic for around five years. I thought that it is necessary to create an English language blog that presents to the world some insights of the Saudi society written by no one better than Saudis themselves.

I’ll contribute by writing some blog posts and coordinate the other posts I receive from any Saudi who feels that he/she has something to share with the rest of the world. So if you are a Saudi who wants to tell the world something about yourself or your life in Saudi Arabia, you are invited to send your post to the blog email: alternative.saudi.voices@gmail.com


5 Responses to “About the coordinator”

  1. Good Job Ahmed ..

  2. Saleh Says:


    I’ve been following your blog since pretty much the time you’ve started. Anyways, after a long period of posting the links I found interesting on my facebook status, I decided to create a blog to accumulate these links and stop bothering people.

    I apologize for not sending you this e-mail earlier, but I wanted to ask for your permission to post some of the posts on your blogs on mine. I’ve already started (with Qusay’s post about Apartheid Week). The main focus of my blog is the Palestinian issue and Saudi women. Check it out and let me know. If you are not OK with it, I can delete the link to Qusay’s post.



    • Salam Saleh,

      Not a problem at all. Feel free to re-post whenever you wish. Just make sure to keep the proper links to the blog.

      If one day you decide to write a post and share it with me to re-post in Alternative Saudi Voices, I’ll be pleased to post it 🙂

  3. Asalamu Alaikum Ahmed,

    I would like to do an interview of you for my blog. The email you listed above doesn’t work. Can you please contact me at emailfhws@gmail.com and I’ll forward you my questions. Thanks!

  4. مها نور إلهي Says:

    Hello Mr. Ahmed,
    I tried to send you an email, but it bounced back at me. Please contact me whenever you can.

    My email is mahanour20@yahoo.com


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