Under Media Attention


The Economist published lately a piece talking about the changing situation of women in Saudi Arabia. It is not the only time you may read such articles in Western media. It seems like a hot topic that gets the attention every now and then. I have to admit that the situation of women in Saudi Arabia is very exceptional compared not only to other women around the world but to the men in Saudi Arabia itself. The prevention of women from driving cars must sound very odd to people around the world. It sounds so to me as well. However, I never felt that fighting for women driving in Saudi Arabia is not the one of the things I want to put my heart and effort behind. One of the obvious reasons for such attitude is that I am not a female who suffers from not being allowed to drive. Yet, I feel some of the pain since I personally have to take care of many things that could be done easily if my wife is driving.

A less selfish reason is my belief that resolving root causes is more fruitful in the long term. Not allowing women to drive is just a septum that gets the attention away from other rooted issues that deserve to be resolved. Saudi Arabia faces a long list of critical issues which are forced, in a way that seems sometimes to be intentional, to be away from the public attention due to the nonstop fighting over smaller issues, such as allowing women to drive, while issues like the public participation in running the country and transparency in spending the public money.

On the other hand and regardless of how much I try, I cannot take such attention to the Saudi women driving issue in the world’s media at its face value. Why? Because the human rights issue in Saudi Arabia goes way far beyond the issue of women driving in the streets of Saudi Arabia yet it gets less attention by the same media. When such attention is given to the right causes such as people who are in prisons without trials for many years, I’ll feel that the media coverage is candid, fair and objective.

I just wonder how many times Saudi Arabia will appear in the international media if someday oil runs out of our wells or the world finds a better source of energy.


6 Responses to “Under Media Attention”

  1. Saleh Says:

    Amazing article …

    I hope you don’t mind, but I republished it:

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ahmed BaAboud. Ahmed BaAboud said: "Under Media Attention تدوينة جديدة في مدونة أصوات سعودية بديلة .. عن قيادة المراءة و الإعلام العالمي ( http://bit.ly/cSCsmT ) […]

  3. Sam Sall Says:

    Thank you for a gray article….
    You know there is something about us is very speaking in the media and it’s not our oil ..it seems that those big media monsters are creating an image about us to irritate and play with their target public so they drive them to their traps ..I don’t know why but may be Zionism has to do with it …but who I’m I to say I’m just a child of the 80s who used to grow up hearing false harsh allegation against my countries …I remeber seeing our Foreign Affairs minister too often giving speeches clarifying our stand toward those allegation…and here we are stronger than ever ….

    Whenever a Saudi Arabian woman do or not do anything you find an article about it that is full of biased and the storries that don’t check out …they really need to get a life a leave us alone …you don’t see us middling in their issue it’s pathatic …we are just a very sure country that have faith in our selves and our full support king …

    • Sam Sall Says:

      Gray article=great article

      Sorry 🙂

    • Sam,
      I just feel your are not very serious in your response.

      I personally don’t think that Zionism needs to create traps for us, we are very good in creating them for ourselves.

      In today’s world, it is very difficult to for people to stay away from each other business cross the world!. We live in a small world and we end up, for good or bad reason(s), getting into each other business!.

      The one thing I cannot agree with you by any mean is “we are just a very sure country”. We live centuries away from that!.

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