One more reason


Since the tragedies of September 11th 2001, the question “Why do they hate us?” kept coming in the minds of Americans like never before. It is a very legitimate question. I cannot see how a person can hate a whole nation just because of the mistakes of a minority, though such minority consists of the leaders and the ones who are in control. On the other hand, it is somewhat difficult not to hate America. I won’t start talking about the unlimited support to Israel, Afghanistan or Iraq. Yet, when I look to the history of American policy in South America and Vietnam, it was never clean or ethical. It was always dirty business.

But even today, the US policy makers insist in touching the wrong buttons in the hearts of millions around the world, not only the Arabs or Muslims but many others who see the clear double standard and the injudicious support to Israel. When I read the speech of Vice President Joe Biden in Tel Aviv University, I wondered should not he feel ashamed and make his citizens feel so as well. Vice President Biden clearly repeated that he is a Zionist which was considered till 1991 by the UN General Assembly Resolution as a form of racism. He said that though the Israeli Government announced a day ahead of that speech that it will go ahead with a plan to build 1600 new settlements in the East Jerusalem. Is not that a spit on the face of the so called negotiations Mr. Biden was visiting the region to re-initiate? I think it was, yet Mr. Biden had the guts to go in public and reiterate what many other US politicians before him said which comes down to one thing; Israel can do whatever and American policy will be there to support it.

Such thing happens while the invasion of Iraq was based on absolute lies but so far neither Bush nor Blair admitted their mistake or paying any consequences for their actions and the human death toll resulted from the war on Iraq.

Then you wonder why?

By Ahmed Ba-Aboud


7 Responses to “One more reason”

  1. I don’t wonder why anymore. I just hope that you keep in mind that many of us do not support Biden, and others like him, in this, or other policies which are, to say the least, unethical.

    • I completely understand and know that not everyone in the US support the White House policy towards Israel. Individuals cannot be accountable for the policies and decisions of the politicians.

  2. Amazonbaby Says:

    I can’t sit back without commenting. I’m wondering where you are getting your information? The USA gives billions of dollars every year to the Palestinians, Pakistan, Egypt, Morroco, Turkey, and many other Middle Eastern and Eastern countries without bias. Whenever a natural disaster happens in the world, the USA leads the way with money and aide regardless of our relationship with that country. Quit trying to make us the bad guy.

    Guess who the first foreign medical team in Haiti was? The Israeli’s. Together with a large international Christian rescue organization who provided the medical equipment they were on the job providing medical treatment and surgeries.

    Three times now, the Palestinians have turned down establishment of their own free, independent country with free trade with Israel and no doubt, the USA and other countries because of short sighted leadership or their leader had alternative goals not beneficial to the Palestinians. And, how many Presidents and important people have spent many days trying to work out an agreement. Arafat and the other Middle Eastern countries have used the Palestinian’s for their own gain and political gain. The USA, alone, has freely given the Palestinians enough money to completely remake over their country two or three times. They could be growing food or producing products and selling it to Europe like Israel. They could be a very rich country right now except their leadership was selfish and didn’t care about them. They robbed the very people who placed their trust in them for leadership and protection. The Palestinian leadership has broken every agreement they made with Israel and were the first to fire or attack Israel. Are you saying if your country was attacked you wouldn’t protect yourself.

    And, I have Arab friends who live or lived within Israel and hold the passport. They move freely in and and out or within Israel.

    You want to label the Israeli’s negative as though Arafat was “perfect and innocent”. Wake up. Arafat just used the migrant farm workers for his own gain.

    I challenge you to do a study on the complete history of Israel/Palestine since 1948 and not with biased history books who call Jewish and Christians apes and pigs.

    If you knew the complete history, you might not write these slanted articles. It’s bad enough we have to pretend that there is a civilization called the “Palestinians” when it’s common knowledge how the country of Israel was renamed Palestine by a Roman Emperor. Look it up. It was over the death of his gay lover.

    I’m not saying Israel is perfect. No country or people are.

    And, no one in the USA is wondering “why do they hate us” anymore. All the demands that we accommodated Islam in our country have answered that question. Now the question people are starting to ask is, “why did we allow the immigration if they aren’t going to assimilate into Western Culture?”.

    Like the writer above me noted, the current US Administration, Biden included, is trying to change our culture and we don’t agree with it.

    A Zionist is different than an Israeli. Please don’t mix up the two.

    How about if you start asking the Palestinian leadership what they’ve done with all the billions of dollars the USA and other countries have gifted them? Why isn’t their country rebuilt and producing products to start supporting the country so they could have joined the world economy. It’s almost been sixty years now.

    Look at what other countries, including your own, have done in the last sixty years to pull themselves ahead.

    I get tired of hearing over and over about the poor Palestinians. In the last sixty years even the Vietnamese and the three new countries that rose from the old Yugoslavia have remade their countries over and are self supporting and successful. Their countries had much bigger, longer full time wars. There are many other countries in the world with much worst problems than the Palestinians. They keep their own problems reoccuring. I mean sixty years now…..that’s almost an entire lifetime and they haven’t made any progress because the Palestinian leaders want to keep them down so they can keep on trying to punish Israel. Don’t they think that by now we can see through the game and know what they are trying to do. People get tired of running into walls when trying to resolve issues. The Israelis and other countries keep on giving and giving to try and solve the issue. Please tell me what the Palestinians have done to try and solve the issue? I realise that the Iranians are in the background making problems. They need to let them go. The Iranians have no one’s interests in mind but their own. And, I’m not prejudice because I have a best friend who is Persian for over 25 years and many friends from all North African and Middle Eastern countries. I’m not ignorant about the situation.

    Think about it with an open mind.

    • Amazonboy,

      When I wrote the post I tried to be as specific as possible. Your comment went in all different directions and I’ll respond to the points I initially discussed.

      Zionist is different than a Jew, that what I know. Zionism is the core fundamental basis behind the creation of Israel. Till this day, there are Jews who are against Zionism and against the creation of Israel.

      Everything else you said above is really irrelevant to the point I raised in the post.

  3. Amazonbaby Says:

    I went and read thoroughly, Biden’s speech. I see a couple of problems with your interpretation of English. Biden didn’t say he was a Zionist. He used a slang method of speech to say he was in agreement with them when he said this, “I had said in a speech in the United States some years ago for which I got some criticism, I said were I a Jew, I would be a Zionist. And it got a lot of national publicity, how could I say that, until I was reminded by my father you need not be a Jew to be a Zionist.”

    Here is an online Dictionary defining “Zionist”:
    Zi·on·ism (z-nzm)
    A Jewish movement that arose in the late 19th century in response to growing anti-Semitism and sought to reestablish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Modern Zionism is concerned with the support and development of the state of Israel.


    Zion·ist adj. & n.
    Zion·istic adj.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

    ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
    Noun 1. Zionist – a Jewish supporter of Zionism
    Jew, Hebrew, Israelite – a person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties
    Adj. 1. Zionist – relating to or characteristic of Zionism; “the Zionist movement”
    2. Zionist – relating to or characteristic of a supporter of Zionism; “the Zionist leader Theodor Herzl”

    Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

    You are claiming that to be a Zionist is racism. Then you stated that up until 1991, the UN was claiming this, too. What made the UN change their definition in 1991 so being a Zionist is no longer considered racist?

    How can claiming that you are a Jew and you want to return to your ancient homeland to live means racism?

    Aren’t you proud to be a Saudi, come from Saudia and want to live in your homeland that Abdul Azziz won in a war?

    How is that different from how the Jews feel about their homeland? Didn’t a group of Arab countries attack Israel multiple times and the Jew’s won the wars multiple times? Thereby, winning the right to be on their land. Is this not the same method that Abdul Azziz Al-Saud won the right for you to claim you are a Saudi and the right to live in Saudia?

    So, who’s the racist now?

    And, weapons of mass destruction were found. They had been moved to another country and placed underground. It’s been announced in the USA. The liberal news media just hates to admit it.

    No, Biden and the USA have nothing to be ashamed about. As a matter of fact, the reason that Biden could go up and announce in his host country that he was not happy with Israel’s decision to go ahead and build the 1600 unit was because he was in a democratic country with free speech. But he clearly pointed out that because the start of construction wasn’t to commence for a few years that a new agreement could be worked out before-hand. Go back and reread. I realize that it was a long document and in another language. He clearly stated that both Obama and he were not happy with Israel’s decision. I realize that the style of speech and expression might literally seem as though he was not upset with their decision. But as an English first language speaker, I could read the way he stated that and realize that even though Obama and he were not happy with the decision, they had no method to order them not to do it. But what he was saying in diplomatic terms was we aren’t happy with your decision but we can see that the way you are going about it leaves room for changes that can make all sides happy.

    Your article puts words in the mouth of Biden and changes the meaning of Biden’s words in several areas.

    How about if you put more depth to your statements about how, “Yet, when I look to the history of American policy in South America and Vietnam, it was never clean or ethical. It was always dirty business.”

    Put some facts to back up your statements. Do you think that your government tells you all the reasons and everything it does when it makes a policy decision both in and out of your country? Do they need to call you up and explain ever detail to you before they commence their action? Since you don’t know all the facts behind governmental decisions, from the outside looking in, something can look different or “like dirty” business. Unless your lifetime experience watching your government’s actions leads you to think that every government’s actions are “dirty business”.

    But I’d like to hear you present some facts and sources to prove that every single action the USA took was “dirty business”.

    Unless we are privy to all the details, sometimes distant actions can seem to be different.

    • I am not a native English speaker, yet I still think that my understanding of the statement said by Mr. Biden is accurate. He said “until I was reminded by my father you need not be a Jew to be a Zionist.” which means shows, to me at least, that he is a Zionist since he does not have to be a Jew to be one.

      The Zionists were responsible for many mascaras that took place during the establishment of Israel. That was the reason behind condemning it as a racist movement. When the peace talks was initiated between the Palestinians and Israel in the early 1990s, revoking the UN resolution on Zionism was part of the deal to start the hopeless negotiations.

      Yeah, as usual the White House uses the nicest language when speaking to Israel. Such language is special and well selected compared to any other country. I just wonder why?!.

      The US war in Vietnam does not need much of depth since the war your country ragged resulted in destroying not only the lives of people but destruction of the land and other aspects of life in that country. As of the case in South America, I just want to remind you of the US support to Pinochet, for me that is more than enough.

      I hope that you don’t mix between my views of the US politics and the Americans.

    • Amazonbaby,

      Question: Is Israel racist or democratic state?

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