Worries of a day


I can define myself as a husband, a father of two, a son, a brother, an employee and a Saudi. All of that feels too much to handle. At the moment I am thinking of many things. I’ll be buying a house using the interest free loan from the company I work for. Yet, the loan will not be enough and I’ll have to borrow some more money since the real state  and land costs in a country full of vast empty land is high rocket.

In the same time, I am looking for a private school for my daughter Joori who will turn five next year. The only sources of information about private schools in my country are either friends and their experiences with schools for their own kids or the discussions boards in the internet!. Opinions differ and drivers for these opinions differ as well. I am not sure where she will end which is not a comfortable feeling at all since I believe that education will be one of the most important things I’ll leave her with.

As a Saudi who cares about what is happening in his country, I cannot stop looking at missed opportunities and things that can be done better. Maybe being an Industrial Engineer enforces such feeling. There is a long list of things that I can criticize, but there are few things happening that can help shaping a better tomorrow.

The above is just a sample of thoughts that run through my head during a normal day. Many more to come soon.

By Ahmed O. Ba-Aboud


6 Responses to “Worries of a day”

  1. A happy man with lots of Energy and thoughts 🙂 Mabrook in advance buying the House and may God be with you looking for suitable one.

    it took me, almost five years to build my own house 😦 still finial touches which may take another year or so :(.

    my brother’s kids used to be in Dhahran School that in Doha, it is expensive, but he was saying it is good. my opinion if you have international school go for it. it is better that the ordinary one. 🙂

    Happy to read you in here Brother.

  2. Omar,
    You made me laugh.. wallah 🙂
    Wish I am really what you think of 😉
    I choose not to build my own house to avoid going through the pain you went through for such long time.
    As for the schools, it is still an opinion out of a personal experience. I just dream of an official assessment of schools that families can depend on.

  3. Mad Saudi Says:

    Hi Ahmed,
    Going through pain during building your house is better than going through the same pain or maybe worse after buying a house which was built by a greedy business man who cares only about selling the house with a high price while it cost him very small price because he used cheap tools and building equipment. So build my advice to you is to build your house by yourself coz you will save a lot of money and build it the way you like.

    Good luck Ahmed

  4. Mad Saudi,

    Thanks for your sincere advise, but I already paid a down payment of SR 50,000. I already have a big headache at work because of the nature of my job. I don’t think I can take the pain of building a house due to the fact of poor performance of contractors. I have seen many bad examples that prevent me from building a house.

  5. Don Cox Says:

    “I just dream of an official assessment of schools that families can depend on.”

    I don’t think that’s possible. How would these officials assess the schools?

    Besides the school, an important factor in education is that there should be plenty of books at home. Children who see their parents reading will pick up the reading habit.

    And I understand there is now a good selection of children’s books in Arabic on the market.

  6. Don,

    As the University programs around the world do have different international recognized rankings, schools can have it. Even if it does not exist anywhere then it won’t heart to dream of creating such ranking here in Saudi Arabia!.
    An example of my dream is such a site: http://www.greatschools.org/

    Thanks for your advise regarding reading in front of the kids, I try to do that and hopefully it will pay back once my kids are capable of reading.

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